As we all know Placement is very important in a person’s life and especially for students. In a simple language, Placement refers to placing a right person to a job and especially right job. It is a process of assigning specific job and workplace to the selected candidate. It helps in fitting the right person at the right job or place. Placement is the assignment or re – assignment of an employee to new or different job. Generally, assignment or initial assignment is for new employees and promotion or transfer is for present employees. The placement of an employee is the stage where selection procedure ends. Placement also implies assigning a particular rank and responsibility to an employee according to the requirement of job and his qualifications. It is always said that a well placed employee is an asset for the organisation as the position in which he is placed is according to his qualifications, knowledge and skills and that’s why he can give his 100 percent in his work and thus, he is an asset to the organisation. If an employee is properly placed that is if placement of an employee is done in a right place then this will make the employee happy which will further reduce absenteeism and labour turnover. This will also helps in increasing the morale and efficiency of the employees and the employee will build a good relation with his colleagues and employer. Some signs which shows that an employee is properly placed are they will increase production, improved quality of product, punctuality and regularity in work and attendance. Placement is important for both the organisation as well as the employee. As a properly placed employee will help in achieving organisational goals as well as his personal goals too. It is important for the organisation as a company invests a lot of amount in hiring an employee and if, they place a wrong person this would be a loss for an organisation. Therefore, placement should be done after due consideration of the demands of the job. Placement is not an easy task but a complex one. As it is very difficult for a new employee to adjust in new environment, culture, company and work. So for this reason the employee is generally put on a probation period which ranges from 6 months to 1 year. At the end of the probation period if he shows good performance, he is selected as a regular employee of the organisation. Placement has many importance too and they are –

  • Keep Employees Satisfied – The most important purpose of placement is that the goals of the organisation should be achieved and this is possible only through satisfied employees. So, while assigning the job to new employees the requirement and needs of the organisation as well as employees should be taken into consideration.
  • Improves Efficiency – If an employee is placed in a right position according to his abilities and experience he would be able to show good results. This would further help in keeping his spirits high and will increase the efficiency of both employee and the organisation.
  • Good Relation – Placement also helps in improving the relation between employee and employer as they feel satisfied with there jobs and there will be no reason for disputes.
  • Increases Morale – Employee morale can be increased through proper placement. This can be understood by the behaviour of the employees. If a candidate is able to adjust himself to the job and the organisation and continues to perform excellently this shows that the employee is correctly placed.
  • Gives Motivation and Reduces Turnover – Proper placement keeps employee motivated as the job matches their skills and requirements and this motivation results in better performance. It also helps in reducing labour turnover and absenteeism. If a person don’t like the job he will start making excuses and will remain absent this shows that we have placed wrong employee at wrong place. So, effective placement helps in keeping the absenteeism low.

Last But Not the Least

Placement process is also very important as a well placed employee will be an asset to the organisation.

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