Well innovation is the need of the hour. But how to get the right innovative idea for the right product/service, is the most important question to answer. See, marketing a product or service is as important as say, giving a life to a product. Without proper marketing techniques, a product or service, be it very very good won’t succeed in a consumer-oriented market, which is in place nowadays. Consumer is the king of the market, whatever he/she demands needs to be provided, if not the consumers can shift from one seller to another in no time. So, now the question arises, how can one be innovative in a right way.

The answer to this question is the fact that marketers should be open to analysing the market in frequent intervals. What I mean by analysing the market is, the marketers need to know about what is the target market for their product or service, how will they manage to get their attention, what’s the best means of communication through which they can communicate about their product to the customer in a very effective way. Innovation comes to play in this area of work for the marketer. Marketer after making sure that he/she has selected the best medium of communication, has to now decide the innovative feature he/she can add to make the advertisement of the product or service stand out among the competitors in the market in the eyes of the consumers.

Now talking about innovation, innovative means are very different for any individual. Some marketers might innovate with the distribution strategy, put into perspective different schemes for their customers to increase sales, some might look for product innovation, creating a unique product for the consumers, which would let them earn higher profits in the future. What marketers can use is the psychological aspect. Psychological aspect in branding can be very well used through the use of colours.

Now let me explain you the use of colours in branding in a very effective way:

            COLOURS        EMOTIONSBRAND (Using this in logo)
BlueStrength, TrustHP, Twitter
GreenPeaceful, HealthMonster
DiversifiedMixed FeelingsMicrosoft, eBay
YellowWarmth, ClarityBest Buy
RedBold, PowerExxon

Now, see this is one of the innovative ways through which various companies can design their logo’s in a very different and attractive way.

The 2nd innovative thing which a company can do is the use of innovative names. According to a survey, the company with the most innovative names in the 21st century is Apple Inc. and the 2nd position is taken by Alphabet company. And look at the performances of these companies, these are the top companies of the world, and one of the factors besides their unique and technology bounded products is the uniqueness of their names. Now, having said so much about marketing and stuff, what about the uniqueness in the advertising displayed through various communication modes.

The 3rd and the most important thing is the innovativeness shown in the advertisements. Advertisements are the one’s which show the product or service to the end consumers. So, if the advertisement is unique, so will the sales ultimately increase. One of the most important aspect in advertisement is the use of emotional aspect in advertisement. If the advertisement is emotionally appealing, them it has the most positive impact on the consumers. This is a kind of mind game which the marketer needs to play and sell his product.

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