Yes, you have hear right….WORLD WAR III and you know what, among which countries this will going to happen??? This WORLD WAR III will take place between all the countries and guess regarding what this will going to happen????…… I tell you the main reason for the WORLD WAR III will be WATER. yes water is always been an important and necessary thing to us… for us water is just a thing , ask those people who have to walk in kms to get the water , ask those who have to stand up in a long queue in sunny and once the water get finished in the tank then they have to return to their home with sad faces…they have to face daily- daily quarrels, there is always a long queue in small towns , there a lot of people and the source of water is just one tap!!!!….. Ask those women who have to walk in sunny even though they are pregnant ….. and you know what… all either it is man or woman both have to struggle a lot for water in all the seasons either it is winter/summer/rainy…..first they have to search a lot for their ROZI ROTI and then they have to do all the efforts for WATER….for them water is not just a thing !!!…for them water is an EMOTION… they know very well what the true value of water is, because they have to pay their sweat, time, feelings….to get water…

India is not a water scarce country. Along with having major rivers, we receive an average annual rainfall of 1170 millimetres. But lack of sensitization with regard to both conservation of water and pollution of water sources has resulted in a large part of the population for whom water has become more of a curse than a boon. Infrastructure for storage of water must be developed properly to ensure that people have access to safe water across the country, said Dr. Narayan G. Hegde, Trustee of the BAIF Development Research Foundation and author of the report ‘Water Scarcity in India.
Water supply in India has two principal sources, namely water from rivers and groundwater. However, the rivers are shrinking because of pollution and industrialization, while the population keeps growing, pushing us towards an enormous water deficit.

Rampant pollution, dumping of sewage waste and abuse of the rivers has led to large sections of important rivers like Ganga and Yamuna becoming unfit for use. Take for instance, the Ganga, which flows through 11 states of India and provides water to more than 500 million people.

Many parts of the Ganga in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have become completely unfit for use because of incessant waste disposal, ranging from dead bodies and to industrial waste. Earlier the water in many parts of these two states could be consumed and used for other purposes, but pollution has rendered the river water completely useless, said Vikas Chandra, an activist who has been campaigning for a pollution free Ganga for the last 19 years.

Safe drinking water, a basic amenity has become a luxury in many Indian households, especially in semi-urban and rural areas. Official figures show that each day, approximately 500 million liters of wastewater from industrial sources is dumped into the Ganga. The Yamuna, similarly receives 850 million gallons of sewage every day from Delhi alone. For those who are dependent on groundwater sources, the presence of arsenic in the eastern belt in the Ganga-Brahmaputra region poses equally dangerous threats.

Arsenic is a major problem, especially for people residing in the Ganga-Brahmaputra belt in eastern India. Arsenic laden water has many adverse health effects and affects over 900 million people in India. With India’s rivers becoming more polluted with every passing day, the dependency on groundwater resources is increasing. But steps must be taken to ensure that people do not end up using arsenic laden water, as that would be more harmful than beneficial, said K.B. Biswas, Chairman, Central Ground Water Board.

Several initiatives have been undertaken to deal with the water crisis looming ahead of India, both by government and non-government bodies. In 2014, the 20,000 crore Namami Gange program was announced by the Union Government. It is a holistic program that not focuses on cleaning the Ganga, along with setting up biodiversity centers, crematoriums and toilets along the river banks to reduce pollution in the river.
Cleaning up rivers is not the only solution India should look at, as rainwater and groundwater resources of India are also facing risk.
Data collected from the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation states that 45,053 villages had access to piped water and hand pumps by the end of 2016-17, accounting for 64.19 per cent of India. Almost 19,000 villages across the country still do not receive regular water supply.
In 2015, a report by the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation stated that though India receives an average annual rainfall of 1170 mm, poor storage infrastructure allows it to store only 6 per cent of rainwater, compared to 250 per cent stored by developed nations.

Rainwater storage and harvesting is still not a regular practice in India. In 2001, the Tamil Nadu government made it compulsory for each household to have rainwater harvesting infrastructure and the results reflected in the improvement of overall water quality within 5 years. A similar experiment has been tried out in the cities of Bangalore and Pune, where housing societies are required to harvest rainwater.

So, these are the reports…. Government is doing what is in its hands and this is our responsibility to corporate with government and make every cleaning water mission successful.
Here we have talk about only India so now just think how many countries are facing this situation, how many countries are in red zone…….and if the whole world will not united to conserve water then one day we will face the situation like war for WATER.


Actually there is ENOUGH water on our earth, God has given us a lot of water and we all know that 70% of the earth is covered by water but still people are dying with the thirst ,why????….. Because we are fail to conserve it, to use it in right direction…. Water is present but the problem is drinking water is not present… Because we all want to drink the so called MINERAL WATER but no one put their efforts to keep it mineral, to keep it hygienic, and to keep it safe for the future generation. We can see it in ourselves, in our surroundings that what we have done for water???? Nothing Na!!!! If someone says to us that we should use limited water, we should use it in that quantity in which we need it, we just don’t waste it …. Then what we do what kind of response we give to them??….. We say to them that they just mind their own business and of course, what they have done so they are saying it to us!!!!!…. RIGHT!!!!…

Before saying it to them we should peek out into ourselves rather saying them bad words… we should initiate to keep the water clean and encourage everyone to do so…only if we want… that the clean water will remain available for us as well as for our future generations. NOW THIS IS THE TIME WE ALL HAVE TO WAKE UP WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING REGARDING THIS OTHERWISE IT WILL BE TOO LATE …TOO LATE….

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