Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking

Cyberbullying and cyber stalking mostly occur to the people who go to school or college as they are the target group which uses the most social media. Every day they go to school in hope of learning lessons and values from their teachers or professors but not always everything turns out to be good, there are certain events like bullying or stalking which may negatively affect the mindset of the child, but there are teachers who can correct the situation by helping the child out. Children who bully others often do it as it acts like a way to show their frustration. When these ae done through social media sites, chat rooms, and other forms of technology there is no one to take care. However, these are difficult to control ace they are not face-to-face interactions like those in the past . It is becoming tough for the parents to understand their child’s situation as children these days are stuck to technology 24/7 and they tend not to share their thoughts with them. There can be different ways in which a person becomes a victim , it can either be through social network sites, message applications, etc. In the case of cyberbullying and cyberstalking it has been found through research that girls and boys are equally being prone to the above crimes. Anyway there are ways where this can be prevented.

When a person seeks to harm another person, intimidate them or coerce them to do a certain activity is called bullying. This is majorly done in schools and college, but when this process is done using technology in the digital space then it is termed as “cyberbullying” which comes under “cyber harassment”. This is entirely different from traditional bullying. The use of technology to make someone afraid about their safety, this is defined as “cyberstalking”. This usually involves invading the right to privacy of a person by conducting fear inducing actions and repeatedly doing the same. The people who cyber stalk do this action with the help of internet like social media or and any other online resource. They follow people to cause them fear and terror. There can be different types of stalkers and different risks os stalking.

Cyber bullying and cyberstalking have caused serious issues in todays world. In the traditional era there was scope for controlling it as it used to happen in open eye but know with the addition of technology it has been very difficult to prevent these crimes. Some recommendations or measures which can be taken to prevent them maybe in the form of giving knowledge regarding these crimes and how to prevent them to the teachers, parents,and to members in the society. There has to be anti-bullying programmes which can be conducted, parents have to spend more time with their children enabling them to share their thoughts and emotions, and last but not the last whatever it is take decisions fast before you fall into trouble and the parents shall not panic if their child is facing it and they should not make the worst of the situation, think calm as there is always a solution to a problem.

At a conclusion I would like to say that we are the ones creating problems by making a phone a very essential item in our daily life, and we are the ones who are supposed find a solution it may be a little difficult but we will always find one. We are in a very big threat as we are revolving around the trap of digital space, we should always remember that everything has its own good and bad and we should be careful about it. If you have experienced any of the above cybercrimes always stay confident and try raising awareness by telling your situation, this can avoid others to fall into the same trap as you did. Think before you do anything, yes life is a hard trail difficulties are bound to come, but try overcoming them and you will see yourself becoming a better person than before.

Published by Teju Aleti

I am a law student at Christ (deemed to be) University lavasa, and I love to write, as I feel it is the only way I can express my vaulable opinions and thoughts. I generally like to write in the law genre.

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