EDUCATION v EXAMINATION- The Blame Game Needs to Stop


Is it the education system to be blamed or the examination system? The blame will go on and on. But who’s suffering? It’s the students and their careers. The student life in India mostly revolves around the number of marks or percentages they get in their exams, especially in their higher classes exams. But seeing the capability of a student on the basis of marks they receive or percentages they receive is right? I think its partially right and partially wrong. Exams are the way through which students understanding capability can be checked, but not their intelligence. According to me, there are many factors which influence one’s performance in exams. It clearly doesn’t mean that the person hasn’t studied and that’s why they didn’t perform well in the exams. Yes, obviously there are few students who don’t do well in exams because they themselves don’t study, but their ratio is very less.

What I want to focus on in this article is the fact that exams shouldn’t be the only criteria for which the students should be made ready. What if a person scoring 99% marks doesn’t know the basics but just through cramming got those marks. The education system should focus on skill development rather than cramming development. Look, yes exams are key and nobody should run away from them, but they can’t be the only criteria. Maybe a person would’ve been unwell before an exam and couldn’t perform well, or maybe due to any emergency, he/she wasn’t able to write the exams properly, that doesn’t mean they performed below par or aren’t good in studies. Situational causes are very much there when students write exams, but nothing of this sort is mentioned in the report cards, when provided to the students. Why don’t the educational institutes in India understands that students shouldn’t be pressurised to score well in exams and if they don’t, don’t provide them with opportunities.

We’ve seen many a times that major educational institutes like colleges and universities provide admissions to students while keeping a base percentage as one of the selection criteria. But what about those individuals or students having less percentage? Why can’t they sit for the selection process for admissions in these so-called big colleges or educational institutes. In my view great colleges or universities are those which can convert a below average student into a great student. Why colleges call themselves top colleges if they only want students with high percentages and marks, so that they don’t have to teach them very hard, just make them know the concept and they would understand easily. My point only is why not give all the students opportunity rather than fixing a percentage criteria? Is only percentage and marks that matter? I think that shouldn’t be, as I’ve explained earlier, percentages are affected by a multiplicity of causes, not just preparation and intelligence.

The thing I want to state is that education system in India needs a change, a change very quickly. Why can’t educational institutes evaluate or judge students on the basis of other criteria’s. It could be some kind of educational projects, live projects, which not only provides students with marks but also knowledge. Now let’s assume, students study a subject of marketing. Now, rather than taking their written or viva exam, tell students to build a project by giving them a live situation. Give them some product and tell them to use all their knowledge they gained from this subject to market that product. Isn’t it a great way to evaluate a student’s understanding of the concept.

Through this article in the end I want to urge the government to look at the education system in our country and change for the betterment of the students. No always are grades and marks based on written examination a true evaluation of a student’s capability. The future generations of India shouldn’t be deprived of quality education just because they don’t do well in their written examinations. Change is needed and its high time change is implemented.


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