Unsound Silence

As defined by the oxford dictionary, “War is a situation or a period of fighting between countries or groups of people, which involves the use of weapons, a military organization and soldiers.” In the world of today we see that the superpowers of the sphere are always in a tiff, and callings of war is very routinely and very normalized. War is romanticized and viewed as a call of heroism. The individuals involved in it, are whooped as martyrs or jingoist of the nation, but people fail to look at the horrors of the war. The sufferings, sorrows, loss of innocent lives, brunt of devastation, are somethings which no mankind can desert upon. War only shows man’s failure as a thinking animal.

One such work by Bob Dylan, in his poem “John Brown,” talks about a young man who proudly went off to war expecting glory and winning medals, but later returned all shot up, with a disfigured face and disabled body. Blathering his mother, the horrible experience in the battlefield and how he was just a puppet in the play. The poem ends by dropping the medals in his mothers’ hand. This shows us the fatality of war, and the false glory in winning. His mother could thus decorate the walls with all the medals but she had lost her son, likewise war is a failure to humanity, as in war nobody wins, everyone loses.

Second is an anecdote which describes us about the terror of World war II by a young girl in her chronicle, “The diary of Anne Frank,” where she had to shift to the Secret Annex and concentrated camps from her home. As Nazi’s were making life very confining to the Jewish people in Germany. The innocent souls had to go in hidings or would be mercilessly killed. Her diary describes us about, how racism was at its peak, the fears of isolation and homicide just because they were Semite. Thus, showing us monsters are real, ghosts are real too, they live inside us, but not each and every one of you. Just like her, what was the fault of hers and people who were like her? Showing War was also partial it always favored parties.

Third, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a wondrous pause to the whole society. It swiped away the whole generation of that region with no signs of growth for many years to come. It was tremendously terrible, callous and futile to the whole nation. This was just a part of war, the stories that were planned no one knows till date. There were so many cases of people dying after months from radiation sickness, injuries, illness and malnutrition. An utter example of how War could destroy the whole humankind by a human itself.

The sufferings and dejection caused by the disgusting and destructive ‘War’ is inevitable and unavoidable.  The notions like “All is fair in love and war,” is baseless and fabricated. No war is good and all war’s leads to demolition and advert loss. War is monstrous, it’s stupid, its brutal, it’s an excuse of an amateur who could not use their intelligence to solve problems. War is thus a necessary evil in society as nobody wins in war, everyone loses. As John F Kennedy, rightly said “Mankind must put an end to war, before war puts an end to mankind.”

Baishali Gurung

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