Our Common Goal: Let Nature Heal with Flow


Environment is healing, its healing fast. But has it really healed or is it just a myth revolving around? Well, in my opinion the deterioration of environment has happened so much over the past few decades that this healing isn’t enough. And as we all think we are healing, the fact is another new problem has emerged out. The problem of Medical waste concerns, the disposal of masks, etc. is the real big problem now. With the rising number of coronavirus cases in the world, the rise in the number of medical waste has raised a major problem in the whole world. People weren’t at all aware of what was going to hit the world in the start of the new decade, the pandemic which changed the whole world, and is still changing. With the rise in the masks and other medical waste and with people not aware about what to do with this waste, they dump it with the other wastes and then there’s whole lot of problems prevailing.

Now, let’s talk about the real situation prevailing in the world. People have taken nature and environment for granted. I meet people often wasting water and when I ask them why are you wasting water, around 98% of the people say that by them wasting water will not impact anybody. Well, they are in some ways right. It will not impact anybody, but themselves only in the near future and their future generations. Well, with the inhuman activities going on in the world, people don’t even think of their own generation, let alone the future one’s. Through this article, I want to make people aware of what could happen to them only, if they don’t respect and care for the nature and environment they are living in. See, the fact is that the nature is now what we say in sporting terms ‘on a roll’ and that too for many years now but the people weren’t able to see it or we can say ignored the fact. Be it the fire in Amazon Forest and the Australian Bush fires or floods and earthquakes whose frequency increased in the past few years. The below graph would actually help you understand the fact that how these natural disasters which aren’t natural for me, because I feel they are human disasters have increased over the years:

Look at the above graph, see how the disasters have risen from 2007 to 2020, this shows the plight people have faced from nature but it’s their own fault. But the people kept on ignoring it and now when the world is being hit by a pandemic, people are saying its nature healing. Well irony and irony, nothing else can be said. The pandemic is another major attack by mother nature on humans who have continued to destroy environment on and on. My question to the readers of this article is why don’t people know the importance of nature. Because of greed for money, we are destroying nature where we want to live. Don’t people understand playing with nature could result in devastation. According to a survey, in the year 2050, most of the coastal areas around the world would be submerged. Do we want this situation to ever arise? No, we don’t. So, why not protect nature rather than just destroying it.

Now, my opinion is that people should be told to not do things which they have become habitual of. This will be very difficult, but the governments need to implement these changes. The 1st thing is letting people know that wastage of water could result in devastation at a large scale. Building illegal or maybe legal swimming pools should be banned. Because people die because they don’t receive one single drop of water, families of many people die because they don’t receive one drop of water and here people are wasting water as if water will be available to them for their whole life. Mind you when nature strikes back and time changes, nobody knows it and nobody has ever known it. The next step is the less use of air conditioners in homes, offices and when its not necessary. People must be aware of the fact that air conditioners produce greenhouse gases which in turn is damaging the ozone layer resulting in devastation on earth. 

I’ve seen people turning on their air conditioners even when they aren’t in their rooms and that is the worst one can do. Not only its contributing to the increase in greenhouse gases but also the wastage of electricity is done. I can’t understand why people want to use air conditioners. Didn’t our ancestors live without air conditioners? Okay I understand that time was different in the fact that earth’s temperature wasn’t that high, but why has the earth’s temperature increased? Its because of the rise in greenhouse gases. So, use of air conditioners is because we used air conditioners over and above how much we should’ve used. In the end I want to say that, yes, we’ve deteriorated the nature very much but still we have a little hope left. I would urge people to aware other people of how we can save nature, and also with the current situation learn how medical waste can be dumped and not let this pandemic emerge another problem of disposal of medical waste.

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