Importance Of Staying Positive

In a world full of “glass half empty”, it is important for us to be the “glass half full”. Some people are happy even when their situations are challenging. And some people, no matter how comfortable they are, they always feel like they are still lacking something in their lives, which ultimately makes them sad.

Human is a materialistic being. After s/he gains one thing, they get their eyes set on another. Humans always want more than what they have. For some, it works as an extrinsic motivation which may or may not be healthy for them.

Some believe that if you persistently think of wanting something, you will just magically get it without putting actual efforts. And when they don’t get it, for obvious reasons, they blame their ‘destiny’. But let’s not talk about these people. Let’s look into the lives of people who are genuinely happy and satisfied with their lives.

These people are quite rarely found in our society. Such people aren’t running after materialistic things. They love to live in the moment and make the best out of a situation. Even when all odds are against them, they manage to find one positive thing that keeps them going.

For example, I was out for a morning run in our community park when it suddenly started pouring. It was around 6:30 in the morning. Everyone took shelter under a tree a or nearby shed. I too, went under a shed to protect myself from the rain. That’s when my eyes landed on an old couple who looked around the age of early 60s. They were still out there and we’re now soaking wet. All their clothes stuck to their bodies and their shoes looked wet too. But, they were laughing and smiling. If I can recall correctly, they were even dancing merrily. A guy beside me, around my age, yelled at them telling them to take shelter from the rain. They just looked at him and laughed. A woman in late 30s mumbled ‘Great. Now I am going to get late. The road is going to be filled with water. Ugh.. What am I going to do..’

That’s when I saw the old couple again as they continued laughing and enjoying the weather. Since I was on school break I decided to see why they were so happy. I myself got out of the shed and the moment I did that my clothes turned wet. But then I realized something. The water felt nice against my body and brought coolness inside me. I suddenly started enjoing the rain and started walking around.

Now that I think about it, I too got scolded by my mother for getting wet in the rain. And I think I even caught the flu. But those moments when I was enjoying the rain, I never regretted them. Since then, I understood that if we spend our entire lives worrying about one thing or the other, we will never really get to live in the moment.

Yes, I know it’s easier said than done. Everyone’s situations are different. Everyone’s lives are stressed. Especially in these times. But if we try to look at the brighter side of the picture, it might just help us learn to cope with the current situation. It won’t be easy. Because the glass right now looks half empty. But with practising, we can start looking at things in a somewhat positive light!

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Just another human trying to spread positivity!

7 thoughts on “Importance Of Staying Positive

  1. A different perspective in seeing the things around us. Your glass, is filled full with positivity and that is a much better way in today’s context. Than you for the enlightenment.


  2. A different perspective in seeing the things around us. Your glass, is filled full with positivity and that is a much better way in today’s context. Thank you for the enlightenment.

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