The term ‘depression’ is not just extreme sadness due to a situation. Its more than that. Depression is just like a cancer it kills you every day from inside till it takes your life completely.

People still do not get what is actual depression. They often misuse the depression word and relate it with some kind of temporary sadness or pain.

A lot of people need to understand the sensitivity of the situation that depression is much more than sadness. It is not a temporary pain that will go away instantly but also not a lifetime pain. Depression is different to each and every people dealing with it.

Depression is real. It cannot be compared with the sadness you feel for some time. I have seen many people who don’t understand the real meaning of depression and any small pain or small thing that hurts them they give it a name called ‘depression.’ If anything happens its depression. No, its not.

So what is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It affects your mental health, your daily activities, your relations with others, your work, and most important yourself. Depression makes you lose interest in everything and sometimes you may even feel as if life isn’t worth living.

Everyone talks about the symptoms, causes, treatments, for the depression but no one talks about the pain that depressed person actually feel or go through.

Its true that there is help and we can get help from our friends, our parents, psychiatrists, doing yoga,etc.

Depression makes you feel lost in the world where you just exist but start losing hopes and a way to live your life to the full extent. It lives inside you. You take your depression for several years with you. Its like we never heal from the depression and as soon as you receive a new pain , it adds to your lists of pains which you were trying to heal from.

The sadness, the pain, the void, its just there. The pain is real. It makes you feeling unwanted, unworthy all the time. Sometimes you can’t even explain to anyone or yourself about the pain you actually feel inside you. The day you let go of all the pain that day you will be a free soul.

But, honestly its very easy to say that or to make someone explain but the person going through with the depression only knows his or her pain. No one can understand their pain what they go through.

All I want to say is some people choose to get out of depression, they try but still maybe they are more comfortable now in that pain. They love that pain and no matter what it remains with them for a very long time. I do not say that its okay to be depressed. No, not at all. But, healing takes time.

We can’t heal in a one day. Talking to our loved ones will help us but some people choose to not let their hearts out.They feel that no one can understand what they feel. And yes, it is the truth. People really do not try to understand the feeling that the other person is going through. Some show them concern, some joke about it.

Depression is not a joke. It can happen to anyone at any time for any reason.

What should we do?

– Just try to understand the people who are depressed, support them as much as you can and sooner or later they would start living their life once again.

-Depression is real and it can be healed. Give some time.

-If you want to help depressed persons, first help your close ones who are actually dealing with it.

– Be there for them when they really need it.

– Listen more. Sometimes, they just need a shoulder to cry.

– Encourage them.

Some choose to seek help from psychiatrists. Some ain’t that comfortable to seek help from them. They find it more easier to share their pain with their closed ones. Some prefer to deal with it all alone.

Still depression or mental health for that matter is known as a taboo in our country. People do hesitate to talk about it openly. It is not a disorder or disease.

We can’t change everyone’s mindset but yes we can create a change for someone close to us who is depressed by offering help to them. Start by helping your near and dear ones or any person where you feel you can really help them.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

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