It’s Okay To Be Sad

This one is for all the people out there who are energetic and quirky all the time. Who brightens up every room the moment they walk in. The ‘life of the party’ people!

Such kinds of people are generally thought of as happy-go-lucky. They make everyone laugh and keep them entertained. Now mind you, I am not saying that all of these people are sad and feel like they are responsible for entertaining the rest of us. But there are a bunch of people who feel like they have to make everyone laugh. Not all of them, but yes, there is definitely a section of homo-sapiens who think like that.

As a result, whenever anything sad and unfortunate happens to them, they suppress their emotions. They don’t give themselves a chance to process their lives’ events. They are with the thought process that if they become all sad, who is going to keep their friends and family entertained?

This one is also for those who think that they have to be strong for everyone else’s sake. Maybe the 18-year-old someone who has to work nonstop to feed the family. Someone who thinks that if they won’t take care of others, no one will. Someone who constantly feel the need to be happy. And there are many more. This one is for all of them.

It is extremely important for them to process emotions like everyone else. What I am trying to say is, it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to cry, yell, and scream when you are feeling sad or betrayed. Basically expressing negative emotions (to some extent) is equally important for these people.




Now, we all have our ways of letting out this negative energy. Some of us, talk to their parents. Some of us call up a friend. Some of us listen to music. Some of us meditate. And some of us go in our shell to regain our energy. It is just as important how we express emotions as it is to deal with them. Because if we let it all inside of us, never giving these emotions a chance to let themselves out, then we are just burdening our minds with it. By showing emotions, we don’t become weak. By crying (it’s proven scientifically) we actually become a bit more emotionally strong.

Now, what I must stress on is that expressing your feelings and dealing with them are two separate things. Although they both are a part of the same process. Without expressing your emotions you can’t deal with them. If you can’t deal with them and still keep pretending that everything in your life is perfect, it will ultimately take a bad toll on your entire mental health. Suppressing is one of the defense mechanisms. Suppressing negative memories or emotions to pretend like everything is fine, is a way to defend your psyche from these same things you are suppressing. This defense mechanism is a very sketchy one. We should know when to let our emotions out and when to get them in control.

This process is difficult. Very difficult. It takes a lot of time, practice, and dedication to master this process. What aids us while we are working through the process is usually talking to someone you trust about your feelings and emotions. Talking about it is probably the most recommended way to deal with it. We have to learn how to talk. Even if you are the most introverted person in the world. Maybe start by writing your thoughts somewhere and then progress slowly towards talking to someone. It can be literally anyone. A friend, a parent, a sibling, or even an acquaintance. And if you still are unable to succeed at finding any of them trustworthy, talk to an expert. A psychologist. They are trained and put in all their life’s time into studying humans and their behavior. Plus they are bound to keep your story to themselves. So they can be your safe haven.

Someone wisely said, “Working through your problem is the only way to completely get rid of it.”

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