Life doesn’t come with a set of rules!

Life is a race just like Virus used to say. Wait . Hold on a second. Which Virus am I talking about? Well, its the Virus from the movie ‘3 IDIOTS’. I am sure everyone remembers that ‘Virus’ and yes ofcourse the another virus we all are dealing with today.

Well, life is not a race. We live in such a system where we have to follow certain patterns of life that we forget what actually living life is like.

Right from the beginning, we have been told what has to be done. Attend school, college, get graduated, get a job, get settled, get married, have kids, get them settled following the same pattern, then get old and then you just have to wait for the day of your death.

So all these things we do in our life just to die one day. The question here arises is ‘What is the point?’ In all these patterns or set of rules that every people has to follow, when was the time we actually lived and created memories? When was the time we did all the things we wanted to do to make ourselves happy? Did we completed all the bucket list of our lives? Can we die peacefully with no regrets in our lives?

Well, the answer is ‘No’. We can’t change these patterns but yes we can change our lives by the way we think about it. Life doesn’t come with a set of rules.

I don’t say its incorrect. But yes who made these rules? These patterns? That we have to abide by them.

There are people who don’t want to study but want to do something different which is okay. There are people who don’t want to get married and that is okay too. There are people who want to live a life where they can be happy. Everyone has their own idea of living which is completely okay.

It is okay to not doing things that everyone is doing. It is okay to have a completely different life goals. It is okay to not have a job right after graduating. It is okay to not get married right away after getting settled. It is okay to not have kids after getting married. It is okay, my friend!

You live your life once. You should always do what your heart says and there is no necessity of doing things in order to follow certain patterns.

Its your life. Live the way you want to live and nobody should tell you what you should be doing. You have the right to do it your way and create the life you want for yourself.

Remember- You are answerable to no one. As far it makes you happy, the things you are doing or the things you want to do.

Do it for yourself.

Lastly, Let’s not judge people. Let’s not laugh at others and motivate them to just not live their life but to live happily.

Published by AishaniBargela

Pretty brown eyes with a mind full of thoughts!

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