Deteorating Mental Health due to the pandemic-induced lockdown

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic worldwide has affected every aspect of people’s life be it health(for those who are infected by the Corona virus) and employment and education for those who are under the lockdown restrictions. But apart from these, one that is least talked about is the detereoration of mental health of some people.

With social distancing being the new norm governing the people, those who are extrovert and loved to socialise with the people are forced to live in their houses away from their freinds and family members. When these people find no one to talk they are driven under depression and anxiety.

The prime reason as of why people are facing depression and anxiety in the pandemic outbreak is due to the financial crisis they are going through. For the elites, lockdown has provided them with leisure time to pursue a new hobby , spend time with family, cooking delicacies .But on the contrary, for the poor and middle class which contributes more than 50 percent of the Indian population, the pandemic led lockdown is a period of distress and hopelessness. These people face lack of resources to survive in this period which has rendered them unemployed.

The lockdown has excerbated the mental state of people who were already in depression in the pre- Corona time.Lockdown has provided them enough time at their disposal to think more and worry more .It is probable that these people see their future bleak in the post Covid world maybe because they are not able to perform well in their career. This is predominantly the problem of students and youth.


Minimise time spent online if you are suffering from depression. Everyday updates about the rising number of corona cases and the distress of red zones will make you hopeless thinking the condition will never improve. If you are away from your family and loved ones, do not use social media very frequently. This too has a reason. The posts by your friends and family members enjoying the lockdown period will aggravate your anxiety and you will feel as if left out. Instead, it is advisable to pursue your hobby, take up an online course which interests you, talk to your family and friends over phone or video calls etc. Do anything which makes you feel happy. This will surely help.

Students on the other hand should not see a bleak future for themselves rather they should hone their skills which will ultimately help them in their career. They should talk to their parents. Noone can understand a child better than his parents.

One of the most effective ways to tackle this is to call a therapist and ask for help. There is nothing wrong in that. Everyone has to go through ups and downs and the person you are talking to is trained to provide help in these circumstances. Talking to a therapist can be of great help if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or in the worst case having suicidal thoughts too.

Final word

Anxiety and depression are seen as a taboo in Indian society. Noone likes to talk about it. But everyone has gone through this in some or other time in their life. We need to understand that depression is just an illness- a mental illness! People do get ill and they get well too. There are tonnes of examples of people who were in depression at some stage of their life and came out of it and have done wonders. That is possible provided that the person gets utmost care and support. In certain cases, of course medical help is needed.

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