Break the Limitations of Your Mind

Limitation is the word which can be good if want to be average.Limitation is the word which put barrier in front of our imagination be it any kind of limitation,but do u want to be average? of course Not,right?

Those who dare to imagine the impossible,are the one’s who break all the human Limitations!!

Dr.Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

We need to expand the horizon of imagination.Never think that something will newer work ,just try go forward with it .It will definitely not as easy as it said but there is always barriers along the way there will be always the people who doubt you ,but this doesn’t matter if u believe in Ur ability to achieve something u dream of.Always remember No energy conversion from one form to another take place until there is some one to oppose the conversion.Let’s understand it by example when us stops its space shuttle program US was sending it’s astronauts to space station through Russian space shuttle .Once one Russian minister trolls America by saying that “If we do not help US to send astronauts to space they only has Trampoline do it “in short us cannot do it then their astronauts can left only jump on bubbles on earth.This triggered US people who can imagine impossible i am talking about ELION MUSK (space X) .He imagined impossible, someone doubting his country gives him motivation and now space X has sended two astronauts to space with total US made space ship.Isn’t it fascinating!

Every one who say’s u can’t is giving u motivation and fire needed to achieve great.Every hurdle or failure is opportunity to grow and improve.So Go ahead Imagine impossible and make it possible because U CAN!!

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