Breaking Bad Habits

By the time we’re more than a month into the New Year, many of us have forgotten – or just don’t want to follow through on our resolutions. In order to stay assertive with your goals for the year, I challenge you to break bad habits and minimize procrastination.  
Breaking bad habits will provide you with more time to be productive. Sanyin Siang recently posted on LinkedIn that Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing every day to minimize unnecessary decision-making, known as “decision fatigue,” in an effort to channel his effectiveness to key decision-making.  For some, taking hours to decide on what to wear may be considered a bad habit, especially if it takes too much time.
Most of what we do throughout our lives is habitual.  Habits, both good and bad, define who we are. I challenge you to drop one bad habit this year and replace it with a new, efficient habit to achieve the goals you set out to make throughout 2016.  
Success does not always come overnight, therefore, try taking steps to improve your bad habits each week. Set measurable and attainable goals so that you can keep track of your progress. When you figure out how to change your habits, small efforts can create significant changes!
In closing, always remember that education is the K.E.Y. to success, so Keep Educating Yourself!
Theatis (Theo) Anderson, Jr is President of Herzing University – Atlanta Campus. Theo is a talented leader possessing 15 years of proven core strengths in the areas of operations and post-secondary education management coupled with expertise in strategic planning, leadership, and enhancing profitability. Since his transition into education, he has received various leadership awards and participated in various leadership academies. Most recent is Theo’s participation in Leadership DeKalb, a highly respected leadership development organization in DeKalb County, Georgia.  He is a proud 2013 graduate of Leadership DeKalb. Theo was inducted into the 100 Black Men of America – DeKalb County chapter which will allow him to showcase his passion for helping youth achieve their educational and career goals throughout Metro Atlanta. 

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