Are there enough trees on earth?


“The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature.”

As we all know, the world environment day is celebrated on 5 June, the firstly the environment day celebrated on 5 June 1972, which was established by the United Nations under the slogan of “only one earth” from that day, we celebrate the environment in an attempt to effectively combat problems of environmental degradation we plant trees and clean the smudge place around us, and government also give their contribution by providing free plants in schools, colleges and local people to plant around their native places.

Nowadays, due to massive industrialization, urbanization, extraction of mineral resources are some of the factors that have played havoc with our environment and caused huge damage to it. However, in the last year 2019, the pollution level is very high and all around the world people have to face many problems because of air pollution, the causes of asthma, high blood pressure, and heart disease around 647,000 people died in the year 2019 all-around the globe.

To solve this problem,  only one solution we have plant trees as much as we can because trees are the only on a resource which inhales pollution and gives clean air and reduces pollution, however, we can also get many things regarding daily life-like wood, food, and goods. furthermore, trees are the best friends of humans and it provides help humans in each and every problem like in life-threatening health problems by providing medicine.

Because of higher need, human cut more trees and they continually have done deforestation and build industrialization area and give birth to the problems, yet some of the polluted countries list according to the famous IQAir website first place obtained by the Bangladesh which is a most polluted country in the world, because these country have a small area with a high population, in these race India also have a contribution by securing 5th position. even though China has a high population and big industry but they are in 11th place on the same list.nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent.


we can save our earth by tacking some steps like:

1)Planting more trees:  Apart from purifying the air, trees also help us, humans, in many other ways which include climate control. With the increase in greenhouse gases, trees help in maintaining the air quality by emitting oxygen. Trees also act as habitat for wildlife.

2)Avoid using single-use plastic: Plastic has become a part of our life. But it is also a major source of pollution to our environment. And the single-use plastic is mainly to blame for it. The single-use plastic not only chokes our drains, pollutes underground water table but also causes severe damage to marine life like Turtles, seabirds, whales, and other species. many times a single take many years to decay and many times.

3)Alternative energy source: Most of the electricity used by us is generated by coal which emits greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) causing pollution in the atmosphere. The use of petroleum products for transportation purposes is also another source of pollution. The harmful gases produced by these two fuels (coal & petroleum) also contribute depletion of the ozone layer. we must use solar, water and wind energy instead of toxic fossils.


every parent should teach their child, what is the importance of trees and how it will help us in the future, parents should motivate their child to plant trees and make them as a best friend and nurtured well, additionally in Jodhpur district people started Chipko campaign 1730 from that time no one can give even scratch to the trees in jodhpur.


In the last year, Many famous social media influencers also handle the campaign of tree plantation like renown you tuber jimmy Donaldson aka MR. Beast planted 20 Million all around the world bt taking the help of local people and also get success to complete the goal, and he also donates money who wont to plant trees form their own campaign. Moreover, according to youtube, online first-person gaming communities also donate e-money on one kill on that way MR. Beast gets more donations from them.

we should come out of living comfort and do something for our mother nature.

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